Tuesday, January 18, 2005

CBS "restoring credibility"?

Reliable Sources: CBS VP of standards Linda Mason, along with many others, appeared on CNN's Reliable Sources Sunday (1/16), and said:

"KURTZ: Why have reporters not been allowed this week, since this report came out, to talk to either Dan Rather or Andrew Heyward? It kind of gives the impression CBS is still in damage control mode?

MASON: CBS is looking to the future. And both Andrew and Dan were part of this report, so there was a decision made not to have them speak since they were participants.

KURTZ: I don't quite understand that. I mean, why won't they be allowed to defend themselves, to offer their views? Here is CBS saying it wants to learn the lessons here, and yet your own news division president, who's not shy about talking to reporters, nor is Dan Rather, are being kept under wraps? I guess I don't get it.

MASON: I don't think they're being kept under wraps. They have chosen not to talk at this point. The panel and the report kind of makes it all clear, what happened, and where we're going from here. "

It's has also come out in the last few days that CBS was worried about right-wing blogs changing the document of the investigative report, so they changed the version available on the website so that copying and editing are disabled. A small sign of an organization protecting its ass rather than joining the forces demanding transparency.

As Ernest Miller says in a comment on PressThink, not allowing bloggers to easily cut and paste pieces of the report speaks to a continued disdain for the medium of "guys in pajamas."