Sunday, December 26, 2004

The New York Times > Opinion > Editorial: The Electronic Library

The New York Times > Editorial: The Electronic Library. The Times on google bookscanning. They worry about copyright. So far the work is centered on old books, phew. And about the stability of digital technology. Simply put, when we have valuable stuff in digital formats we will find a way to make sure the data is transferrable to newer formats, or standardize on existing formats.

btw, talked to Brewster Kahle of Internet Archive at Christmas and for them this is an exciting time with the phone ringing off the hook. The basic question is does it make sense to store our libraries' collections with a for-profit company, a young one at that. Perhaps the Archive and google will find a way to connect the for-profit and nonprofit pieces. The archive, btw, is engaged in a bookscanning effort with the University of Toronto.