Sunday, January 02, 2005

CBS News | Defining Google | January 2, 2005�20:01:07

CBS News | Defining Google. Watching 60 Minutes' profile of Google right now. So far they've shown a demo of Keyhole, which is "totally awesome" according to my son Nate. It offers a flythrough interface to get at satellite imagery. Not free though. Also like the point that Google rolls stuff out fast in beta form.

They use the Google Lab Aptitude Test. They hire carefully. 14 interviews for one candidate to get a PR job. Free excellent cafetaria lunch. Company makes money by offering free food.

They're working on machine translation. They think they can translate between any two languages in the future. Also working on making tv shows searchable online. John Batelle says "search will no longer live only on your pc." For instance Google sms lets you search from a cell phone. Leslie demos it on her phone in NYC.

Batelle forsees being able to wand a barcode in a store and search google to find competing prices at nearby stores. "Now that's power."