Tuesday, January 11, 2005

morph: We Media: A look back--and forward

morph: We Media: A look back--and forward
It's been just a tad more than a year since the Media Center published We Media, written by Shayne Bowman and Chris Willis, and edited by JD Lasica. Widely acknowledged as a key articulation of citizen journalism and blogging, this paper reportedly led Dan Gillmor to rethink how he was writing his book, We the Media and influenced former CNN bureau chief Rebecca McKinnon to pursue citizen journalism as a full-time career.
Now, a year later, Karma Peiró, a digital journalist from Barcelona, Spain, has interviewed the We Media authors and they've shared the interview on their site. Points worth noting:
• Change is not coming from traditional competitors but from the audience they serve.
• The speed at which RSS has proliferated is phenomenal.
• ...The leadership and innovation of citizen journalism will continue to come from the edges of the new media ecosystem.
• ...We are more likely to see big media try to purchase and integrate innovation rather than develop it on their own.