Monday, January 10, 2005

New Journalism or just New Reporting?

Pulling this out of comments on the original essay ..

marnie webb:

I think that blogging may have something to do with new reporting but I tend to think that journalism is more than that. Journalism is also about editing and editorial policies. That is something that seems, by and large, missing in the blogosphere.

It seems that aggregating blogs in a way that provides some sort of editorial oversight -- maybe in a slashdot kind of way where things get karma points to go to the front page -- is real future. DailyKos is also a great example of this.

My off the cuff response:

hey marnie

In the 61st Minute case, it seems like PowerLine provided that oversight by being the aggregator of a great variety of activity on the topic. I agree that the future looks like pulling together of opinion, research and analysis, rather than 6 million people opining on their own spaces. so its journalism but it looks more like an ant colony than a newspaper.

But I think the thought bears more thinking than I can do right at the moment. More later.