Monday, January 03, 2005

Weblog strategies for nonprofits @ Radio Free Blogistan

Weblog strategies for nonprofits Last year Radio Free Blogistan posted an interesting essay on this topic using Compumentor and TechSoup as a model. " realized that unless someone kickstarts this and demonstrates the power of a nonhierarchical cellular communications network for publishing, syndication, sharing, commenting, there's no way to demonstrate the network effects.

Empower as many people affiliated in whatever way with nonprofits to start blogs if they want to. Syndicate and reprint news, analysis, announcements, and alerts.

I did some searching on Google using simple terms such as "nonprofit weblog" and "nonprofit blog." I didn't find anyone directly working on the intersection of these two concepts. I did find a number of blogs mentioning nonprofits and possibly a few published by nonprofits. I also found lots of pages from techie nonprofits that mentioned weblogs in passing or published articles about them.

"It occurred to me that any subculture or microcosm or market or realm of ideas needs its own pioneers with this medium. I think I'm going to try to convince CompuMentor to launch a pilot program that will plant that stake in the sand so that other nonprofits and ngo's and progressive organizations can weave their own connections around it."