Thursday, January 06, 2005

Mena's Corner: Current Mood: Optimistic

Six Apart, makers of Movable Type, aquire Live Journal ""Many of our weaknesses are LiveJournal's strengths and many of LiveJournal's weaknesses are our strengths."

There's the infrastructure that LiveJournal knows how to build, the talent of Brad and his crew, and the community that we can learn a lot from. Yes, LiveJournal also has a large user base and joining companies make us stronger.

And of course we're doing this deal because we believe it will increase the value of Six Apart. We're a company and don't make apologies for that.

But, in order to increase our value, we need to keep our assets valuable and for LiveJournal, that means not messing with things that aren't broken. To do so means keeping LiveJournal as good or better than it is the day we closed the deal. "